After Mack Brown resigned as Texas’ head coach following the 2013 season, he was replaced by Charlie Strong. However, the Longhorns were at one point prepared to give Nick Saban a huge contract in order to try to lure him away from Alabama.

There’s one big reason why Saban didn’t go to Texas. And SEC Network host Paul Finebaum discussed it during the latest episode of the Saturday Down South Podcast.

“I did a book with Gene Wojciechowski, and we had a nugget in the book that said that Texas boosters had tried to hire Nick Saban, which I think most people knew, but we had a source that said they had offered him more than $100 million and Texas fans acted like they didn’t want Nick Saban,” Finebaum said. “The bottom line is they did want Saban and Saban was offered the job, and he considered it. He said to me and to anybody who would confront him with this, that the reason he didn’t go to Texas — he said this privately, he didn’t say this publicly — was he did not want to have to answer to 10 or 15 different boosters who all felt like they owned the franchise. It was a little of a Jerry Jones complex or a T. Boone Pickens complex in college football in the past.

“That has always haunted Texas. By the way, it also always haunted the University of Alabama until Nick Saban walked in there in 2007 and sat in booster club meeting after booster club meeting and said, ‘Listen. I run this place. You stay the blank out of my way.’”

However, Finebaum thinks maybe he could have done the same thing in Austin, if he had decided to go there to lead the Longhorns.

“I do believe he would’ve been successful [at Texas] because he would’ve had a similar blue print to the one that he had at Alabama — ‘I am in charge,’” Finebaum said. “That’s the only way to make it work. Texas has more resources than Alabama, so it could’ve easily been done.”

Steve Sarkisian is now the head coach at Texas, as he went there after spending the past two seasons as Alabama’s offensive coordinator. But imagine how differently things could have gone if Saban had decided to leave the Crimson Tide to become Brown’s successor with the Longhorns. It definitely would have changed history.