Paul Finebaum and Robert Griffin were on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” Sunday morning to debate one of the biggest storylines entering Selection Sunday: Alabama vs. Florida State for the College Football Playoff.

Griffin said it “needs” to be Florida State because the Seminoles are an undefeated conference champion from the ACC.

“Paul, I just want him to understand that the ACC went 6-4 against the SEC this year in nonconference play,” Griffin said. “And the committee has never left out an undefeated Power 5 conference champion. Last time I checked, Alabama lost, and they lost to Texas. So if you put Texas in, you can’t put Alabama in front of them, therefore Florida State should get in.”

Griffin also said the other Seminoles shouldn’t be punished because of an injury to Jordan Travis.

“The fact of the matter is Louisville is a top-20 offense,” Griffin said. “And they held them to 6 points, had 7 sacks. So this team has earned the right to be in the College Football Playoff, and I don’t think the committee should change the rules now, from what they normally do, just to help get an SEC team in.”

Finebaum countered this way, and pointed out that one of those ACC wins was Wake Forest over Vanderbilt, which shouldn’t be a metric to decide the national championship field.

“We know what Alabama has done, it’s self-explanatory, they’ve beaten the best team in the country,” Finebaum said. “We also know they lost a game at home, by 10, it was a tough loss, and it should cost against them. But it was on Sept. 9, and it will be against a team that will very likely finish No. 3 in the rankings. So Alabama has a win over No. 1 going in, they’ll probably have a loss against No. 3 coming out. … Alabama, by far, is one of the 4 best teams in the country.”