Can anyone beat Alabama this year?

The Tide enter September with the biggest target on their back.

Paul Finebaum joined SportsCenter Sunday to discuss which teams pose the biggest threats to Alabama, and the SEC Network analyst thinks two teams could give the Tide fits.

“Alabama does not have many dangerous games. The opener against FSU and the closer at Auburn — a place where the Tide lost four years ago. But other than that, most of the other games are going to be laughers,” Finebaum said.

Last week, we produced an article on the four teams that have the best chance to beat Alabama. Although we think there are four, Finebaum thinks mainly FSU and Auburn are the biggest obstacles. It’s hard to argue with that, but that LSU game could also be very interesting as the season plays out.

Finebaum also thinks that Alabama will be ranked No. 1 to open the season, but he’s unsure if FSU will be ranked No. 2. It would be the first time ever that No. 1 vs. No. 2 would open the season.