Paul Finebaum wasn’t surprised that Texas covered the 20-point spread against then-No. 1 Alabama on Saturday. The Crimson Tide escaped Austin with a 20-19 win over the Longhorns.

On Sunday, Finebaum joined ESPN’s Matt Barrie for a review of the Week 2 results. Finebaum recalled making the case for taking Texas with the points against the Crimson Tide.

“I found myself making a really good argument just using last year as the evidence. Florida game, this time last year, took a last-second stop (for Alabama to secure the win). The A&M game, which Alabama went in heavy favorites and lost. And then the Auburn game, heavy favorites on the road, 4 overtimes.

“So, if you’re following that, this is not a surprise if you take away all the nonsensical conversation in the offseason we heard from everybody who knows everything, who turned out not to know anything.”

Finebaum is correct that those Alabama road games in 2021 were all closer than expected. In fact, Nick Saban noted the 20-point spread on his weekly radio show and cited last year’s Texas A&M game as a reason to take the Longhorns seriously.

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