Paul Finebaum was among the Tennessee alumni base that was thrilled to finally score a win over Alabama for the first time in 15 years.

The Vols defended Rocky Top, pulling off a thrilling 52-49 victory over the Crimson Tide on Saturday evening, and the party was on in Knoxville.

But, on the other side of the token, Alabama showed some serious flaws. For a team that entered the year as the heavy favorite to win the national title, the Tide didn’t look the part on Saturday.

Appearing on SportsCenter on Sunday morning, Finebaum noted the biggest concern he has about Alabama moving forward:

“It’s the lack of discipline, and it just feels like this program is slipping a little bit,” Finebaum said about his biggest Alabama concern. “I know that’s a big statement to make considering Nick Saban is the coach, but the penalties are inexcusable. We’ve already seen it a couple of times this year. We saw it at Texas and we saw it again. Saban keeps talking about how they have a path to the SEC Championship and the national championship, but it’s very narrow and it’s about as suffocating as I was yesterday in that Tennessee casket.”

The Tide host a tough Mississippi State team next Saturday, but that’s another team Alabama has handled business against under Saban. We’ll see if the Tide can get back on track and look like a Playoff contender once again.