For much of this week, Paul Finebaum has raised a serious question about Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa’s right ankle: What happens if he gets hit and re-injures it against a “really fierce defensive line?”

“Does he get up, and what I mean by that is yes, he’ll get up, but does he get up and is he limping,” Finebaum, the SEC Network host, said on “Golice and Wingo” on Tuesday morning. “At that point, Tua’s starting to think, you know what, I’ve got millions of dollars, and whether someone’s tanking for me or not … then what happens after that. The family’s going to be there. There is a tremendous family consideration here. So that to me is very intriguing, but he will start, he will play and the expectation is that he will play well.”

Players have increasingly sat out bowl games leading up to the draft in recent years, but there hasn’t been a groundswell of players sitting out in the regular season to remain healthy and protect their draft prospects.

Tagovailoa is widely viewed as one of the top quarterback prospects for the 2020 NFL Draft, though there are other players in the mix, and he hasn’t officially said he’s leaving Alabama. After a similar ankle injury last year on his left ankle, there is some question about whether he’s injury prone, or if teams should think twice about his durability.

His recovery, an incredible test against a top-notch team, will deliver plenty of answers by Saturday evening.