No, Penn State! Don’t do it!

You knew it was coming at some point. That all-familiar chant … “We want Bama! We want Bama! We want Bama!”

Nittany Lions fans were heard chanting the famous (infamous?) words in the fourth quarter of No. 2 Penn State’s dominant win over No. 19 Michigan on Saturday night.

Actually, at the time of this post, it wasn’t yet a win. But Penn State was leading 42-13 late in the fourth quarter. It’s safe to say the Lions probably finished the job.

There were multiple accounts of the chants in Happy Valley, which apparently started in the student section:

The Nittany Lions are undefeated and have hardly been tested this season outside of a two-point win at Iowa in Week 4.

Sure, Penn State looks great. It certainly may be the second-best team in the nation. It undoubtedly belongs in the Top 5. But how many times does Nick Saban have to teach opposing teams this lesson?

Stop. Saying. You. Want. Bama.

You don’t.