Pete Golding isn’t particularly popular with Alabama fans, at least judging by what’s posted on Twitter and message boards. On Monday, Golding was asked about fan criticism during his Cotton Bowl media opportunity.

“Well, their name ain’t on my paycheck, so I really don’t listen to it,” Golding said with a chuckle.

Golding pointed out that he’s familiar with fan criticism as the son of a high school football coach.

“I don’t listen to the outside noise, to be honest with you,” Golding said. “I think if you’re a football coach and you do that, I think you get out of this profession pretty quick. You go start selling insurance and playing golf.”

The third-year defensive coordinator said fans aren’t his harshest critics.

“Obviously, there’s no bigger critic on me than me,” Golding said.

If the Alabama defense takes care of business against Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl, Golding may get a break from the social media and message board criticism.