It would certainly take a special actor to accurately portray Nick Saban on film.

Saban certainly has displayed a strong personality as a head coach in college football. He usually holds nothing back in press conferences and is not scared to share his opinion. His recent exchange with CBS’ Allie LaForce is just another great example of the personality he possesses.

Saban also holds nothing back when coaching on the field. It does not take much to see Saban lay into a player or coach for a missed assignment or broken play.

Portraying Saban in a movie would be a tough task for even the best actor, but Paul Finebaum believes he has the perfect person in mind.

Brad Crawford with 247 Sports shared Finebaum’s comments on the matter:

“In terms of Saban, I have somebody in my mind but I think he’s too old,” Finebaum said. “A 65 year old Al Pacino would be perfect…I think Al could do it. This is what you do in April, when there’s like nothing going on…You normally don’t do it in the middle of SEC football season, but that could be indicative of this season.”

Pacino may be a good choice, but he will likely be too old for the role by the time any move on the life of Saban comes out. Fans will just have to wait and see if a Saban movie ever comes to fruition.