Conference championship trophies aren’t the only things on the line in Week 14.

Alabama is not only playing for the SEC title on Saturday against Florida, it is also vying for its second straight trip to the College Football Playoff. Clemson will join the Crimson Tide in the Final Four with a victory over North Carolina on Saturday night, and the same fate likely awaits the winner of the Big Ten Championship between Iowa and Michigan State.

And if all kinds of Armageddon unfolds Saturday, Stanford might have a chance at a playoff spot if it defeats USC in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

There are four Power 5 championship games on Saturday, so let’s take a look at projected final scores, according to four different media outlets — Campus Sports, Bleacher Report, Fox Sports and Rant Sports.


SEC Championship: Alabama 31, Florida 10
ACC Championship: Clemson 35, North Carolina 27
Big Ten Championship: Michigan State 26, Iowa 20
Pac-12 Championship: Stanford 35, USC 30

Note: These picks taste chalky. Campus Sports likes every favorite to win and cover, including Alabama over Florida, which is getting 18 points. Clemson is giving 4.5 points, Michigan State is favored by 3.5 and Stanford is giving 4.5, according to


SEC: Alabama 33, Florida 16
ACC: Clemson 34, North Carolina 21
Big Ten: Michigan State 27, Iowa 17
Pac-12: Stanford 33, USC 26

Note: We’ve detected a pattern here. Like Campus Sports does, Bleacher Report predicts that every favorite will win and cover. Boring!


SEC: Alabama 25, Florida 21
ACC: Clemson 33, North Carolina 29
Big Ten: Michigan State 28, Iowa 26
Pac-12: Stanford 31, USC 28

Note: Each game in Fox Sports’ predictions is simulated 101 times, so these scores may actually turn out to be quite accurate. Single-digit outcomes have been the norm for Fox all season, and this week’s picks are no exception. So, if you lean toward underdogs, these predictions are definitely geared toward you.


SEC: Alabama 35, Florida 17
ACC: North Carolina 35, Clemson 33
Big Ten: Michigan State 35, Iowa 21
Pac-12: Stanford 34, USC 27

Note: Thankfully, these picks aren’t as mundane as Campus Sports’ and Bleacher Report’s! Rant Sports likes underdog North Carolina not only to cover against No. 1 Clemson, but it also expects the Tar Heels to win outright, which would open up a playoff spot for some lucky team, possibly UNC, since it would be the only squad to have beaten the top team in the land. We’ll see.