President Donald Trump visited Bryant-Denny Stadium in 2019 for one of the best games of the year when LSU came to town, and on Thursday, he mentioned Alabama football during his White House press conference.

President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force have been briefing the nation on the status of the virus since the outbreak started earlier in March. Americans have been self-isolating in their homes and practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of the virus, and it’s been working. President Trump has said the coronavirus has peaked in the United States, and now, he and the task force are tasked with safely opening back up America.

During Thursday’s briefing, the President was discussing filling sporting events again, and he mentioned Alabama football specifically.

“Our normal is if you have 100,00 people in an Alabama football game — or 110,000 to be exact — we want 110,000 people there. We want every seat occupied. Normal is not gonna be a game where you have 50,000 people.”

Currently, multiple scenarios are being discussed among college leaders about the upcoming college football season. There’s been talk of empty stadiums and delaying the season until October. There’s also been some discussion about a spring season, although that seems unpopular.

Nonetheless, hopefully the virus continues to slow and football is able to return this fall.