Back in May, former Alabama standout Reuben Foster suffered a torn ACL, LCL and MCL in a Washington Redskins practice. Foster’s agent is now revealing that his client also dealt with nerve damage from the injury. Foster couldn’t feel his toes for the last several months, but that has changed, according to agent Malki Kawa.

“He’s got feeling in his toes, the underside of his foot, the side of his foot,” Kawa told’s Ian Rapoport recently. “The nerve is starting to fire again.”

Per Rapoport’s story, Foster spent last week in Colombia seeking treatment and has now returned to the United States. Foster is hoping to be able to take part in the Redskins training camp later this year.

“We called the team so they could see it,” Kawa told Rapoport. “They were really happy. There has been significant improvement this week.”

Rapoport details that Foster used a BioXcellerator, which works to regenerate various body parts using stem cells and cellular therapies.

“He’s regaining feeling and power,” Kawa told the NFL insider. “It shows the nerve is firing. When he moves his leg upward, he can feel around the ankle and the top part of the foot. That’s a new thing. The next 60 days are going to be big as far as getting back to normal.”

Kawa relayed to Rapoport that there isn’t a timetable for Foster to return to the football field.