Rece Davis believed an asterisk wouldn’t do the 2023 season for Michigan any justice.

Davis appeared on “SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt” after the game and talked about the importance of the win for Michigan. However, Davis had another suggestion for how to remember this season in the proper context.

“I don’t think there’s an asterisk or anything of that nature next to this season. I do think that there will always be a subtitle, if you will,” said Davis. “Harbaugh missed 6 games over the course of the year. There were a couple things going on, there’s still an ongoing NCAA investigation. That doesn’t have anything to do with whether the players were eligible to play in this game. I think as time goes on, they’ll just be regarded as an undefeated champion. In some quarters there will always be a little bit of a subtitle.”

The program can now be more than just a winner, according to Davis. For a Michigan program that had not won a title this century, it could make all the difference.

“One thing I think was really important, is that I think Michigan really needed this win. Not that Washington didn’t, they certainly did, but for a program that has more wins that any other in the history of college football, they really didn’t have many national championships in the modern era,” said Davis. “To sort of plant a flag, that they were that. That they were not just a program that has compiled wins for well over a century, they are a championship-caliber program.”