Alabama center Landon Dickerson became a fan favorite this season as the anchor of the best offensive line in college football. He was already a team favorite, and that was on display when he suffered a serious knee injury in the SEC Championship Game.

Now he has another piece of hardware to go with the national championship and Joe Moore Award for best offensive line.

Marty Smith and Ryan McGee, co-hosts of the SEC Network TV show and radio show, “Marty & McGee,” gave Dickerson the Player of the Year award, as he edged out Coastal Carolina’s Teddy Gallagher, who made his case thanks to a mullet. Smith said that was a “major factor in him finishing second.”

“But the fact that you finagled a railroad tie as your front bumper of your pickup truck is what pushed you over the top,” Smith said.

Dickerson accepted the award on the show by phone.

“I really appreciate that,” Dickerson said. “That may be one of the best awards I’ve ever gotten. I don’t know if there’ll be a reception or a banquet, but if there is, I’d be happy to speak and hell, we’ll pull my truck on the stage and we can talk about it.”

Added McGee, “I think what we need to do now is we need to eat some chicken tenders off that bumper. I think that’s the best way to go about this.”

Replied Dickerson, “It shouldn’t be too hard, it’ll fit a couple plates on there.”