Reggie Ragland has spent the past two seasons as one of the best, at times perhaps the very best, players for one of college football’s great programs.

But while the senior linebacker has Alabama in position to make a second straight appearance in the College Football Playoff, he’s not necessarily one of the first players mentioned when a discussion begins about the biggest stars in the SEC.

Overshadowed by teammates and rivals alike, Ragland doesn’t have the opportunity to rack up touchdowns the way Alabama running back Derrick Henry has this season, nor is his role in the Crimson Tide defense to be a straight pass rusher racking up sacks or a drop-back coverage man accumulating interceptions. He’s not a flashy personality or self-promoter.

Ragland is simply a guy who makes a lot of tackles and leads one of the greatest run defenses we’ve ever seen.

He’s quietly averaged more than 8 tackles per game, forced 2 fumbles and broken up 5 passes. Some defensive teammates such as Minkah Fitzpatrick and Eddie Jackson have made more highlight-reel worthy plays. However, Ragland has anchored a defense that allows 75.8 rushing yards per game, 2nd in the FBS, and has shut down some of the best running backs in the sport.

He’s rarely, if ever, caught out of position and his presence allows the Alabama defensive line to work one-on-one more often.

Ragland doesn’t get the star treatment around the SEC, and college football in general, but it’s probably just about time that changed.