Alabama LB Mekhi Brown became a household name during the National Championship Game.

In the span of only a couple of minutes, he was seen punching a Georgia player and then getting into a shouting match with an assistant on the sidelines.

Now, it appears Brown has left Tuscaloosa, as The Tennessean reports that Brown has transferred to Tennessee State:

Alabama linebacker Mekhi Brown, the player who drew attention to himself during the national championship game when he attempted to attack a Crimson Tide assistant coach, has transferred to Tennessee State, according to a university source.

According to the report, Brown will have to meet certain stipulations to join the football team at Tennessee State following his title game outburst.

This season, Brown recorded seven tackles as a sophomore. He was a 4-star recruit coming out of high school.

Whether he came to this decision on his own or was disciplined for his title game actions is not known at this time.