The Alabama Crimson Tide are back on the hunt for an offensive coordinator after losing Brian Daboll to the Buffalo Bills.

That means the Tide will be on their fourth offensive coordinator in three years after Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian and Daboll have now left.

What caused Daboll to leave so soon, and after a national championship no less? According to, Daboll and Saban clashed on personnel issues.

The report said they weren’t serious clashes, but Daboll wanted to play Tagovailoa sooner than halftime of the title game:

However, there was some frustration on Daboll’s part on personnel matters, multiple sources told The Tuscaloosa News. These weren’t all that contentious, but they were frustrating for an offensive coordinator being asked to put his best offense on the field. Daboll wanted to play freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa sooner than he has given the green light to do so. That doesn’t mean that Daboll didn’t like or want to play Jalen Hurts too. That’s not accurate at all. It’s just that Daboll saw what Tagovailoa was doing in practice against the best defense in the country and wanted to give him a chance once the offense started slumping in November.

Now that Tagovailoa has shown what he can do, it’ll be interesting to see whether he wins the job next year or not.

However, it won’t be Daboll making that decision anymore, as he’s off to the NFL.