Report: Patriots assistant Brian Daboll expected to be named Alabama’s OC

Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban  runs off the field after the first half against the Clemson Tigers  in the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It looks as if Nick Saban may have found his next offensive coordinator.

According to a tweet by Tider Insider writer Rodney Orr, New England Patriots assistant Brian Daboll is expected be named the Tide’s next offensive coordinator.

Daboll reportedly interviewed for the job earlier this week.

The 41-year-old Daboll was a graduate assistant for Saban at Michigan State in 1998 and 1999. He has spent the past three seasons as the tight ends coach for the New England Patriots, and he’s in the midst of his second stint with the team.

Daboll has spent the past 17 seasons in the NFL.

Daboll has coached in the NFL since 2000 where he started with the Patriots. He’s been an offensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns (2000-01), Miami Dolphins (2011) and the Kansas City Chiefs (2012) during his career.

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  • It seems like he bounced around a lot in the league. I’m sure if Saban made the hire it will be fine.

  • I see he has called plays in the NFL for about theee years, but not lately and never in college. This would be an interesting hire. Kiffin and Sark were proven playcallers in college. I would guess that Bama fans will be happy with this hire, but opponents won’t be as intimidated by it as opposed to some others. Everybody wins.

    • Wow, 17 years in the NFL and working with the Patriots through all 5 Super Bowls isn’t intimidating? Matt Canada by comparison has worked only at the collegiate level and his greatest accomplishment is getting to the Big 10 Championship game with Wisconsin. Oh, and by the way, Daboll is younger than Canada.

      • He has a point, college success doesn’t equal NFL success and vice versa. Championship Einstein or not, Canada has created Miracles out of Nowhere

        • I know it doesn’t always guarantee success, but to have a guy that has worked with the Patriots offense for so many years is pretty good. It’s the same reason everyone wants Alabama’s coordinators.

      • There are more than a couple of cases where NFL assistants don’t translate into good college coordinators, and there are examples to the contrary as well. But if this guy is so exceptional then why did Bama try to hire multiple other guys before possibly pulling the trigger on Daboll?

        • I don’t know where he ranked on their want list, but to end up with a guy that many thought would eventually become the next NE OC is pretty good. Better than taking a risk on some random collegiate OC.

        • Has Bama tried to offer anyone else? They interviewed multiple candidates but never seen anything factual about someone getting a offer.

      • You can be intimidated if you like. The guy has only had success at NE and has been fired from everywhere else with no success to speak of. He has never called plays at NE, nor has he been successful anywhere doing that. Canada actually has a record of success. I’ll gladly take him over this guy.

        • ‘Only had success at NE’ is a pretty big mountain of success you are dismissing. Working with an offense for a decade that won 5 Super Bowls is not a record of success? Most in the NE community believed he was the next OC for NE so I’ll gladly take that over a guy that was let go by NC State.

        • Why would anyone be intimidated with any teams OC?……

        • Can you tell us anything he did at NE? His success was simply being a part of the organization. That’s not much of a mountain.

        • Under that logic, no assistant deserves any credit for the success of the team, it should just go to the HC. He was part of the coaching staff for the most successful team in the history of the NFL. It’s the same reason everyone wants Bama’s assistants.

        • you state the facts, this guy is a 3 time loser as OC, but you know you’re wasting your breath, er fingertips. just say Saban has once again proven his geniusness and let it go.

    • opponents won’t be as intimidated lol stop it. Only a few schools are not intimidated by bama and that’s Ohio state, and Clemson. Everybody else know they are getting a L

  • Saban changes coaches all the time and has had fantastic results. I don’t see a problem with it. Winning is the results

  • With the talent coming back on Alabama’s offense it won’t matter who is calling the plays they will be successful. All he has to do is call RPO after RPO with Hurd and he’ll put enough points up to be competitive.

  • He was OC for the Browns, he must be good…….

    • LOL beat me too it. How many more years we got of Saban before the Shula brigade comes back? No real coach will ever want to follow this guy I can’t wait for the ten years of crap after Nicky retires.

    • Yeah, the Patriots aren’t any good either. He’s only been with them for every Super Bowl they won. And, by the way, an NFL coach is usually seen as a good thing for a college team to get as opposed to getting some other college’s assistant coach.

      • an NFL coach is usually seen as a good opposed to a college coach, according to who? stop it, the more you type the more your homerism shows

  • This guy as a coordinator has averaged 16 points a game and has a record of 13-35! Cleveland ran him off after the 09 season. Miami and KC did too after only one year(2011,2012). Saban has lost his mind! This is the equivalent of this guy being a drunk and Saban handing him the keys to a Ferrari!!!!

    • no no, Sark was the drunk who got the keys to the Ferrari…. different Alabama coordinator.

    • Dude, you’re talking about the NFL. Most guys who don’t do well in the NFL go to the college ranks, that’s the way it works. If he had tremendous success in the NFL then he’d stay in the NFL. Most college teams fight over the dregs of the NFL. This is a guy that was being groomed to be the next NE OC. It’s a pretty good get.


  • He is accustomed to winning…should fit right in at ALABAMA.

  • I’ve read quite a bit on the guy. If these reports are true, NE was seriously considering making him their OC if the spot came open. That has to be a good sign. His offense is really nothing like what the Bama offense has become, so it will be interesting to see what system he woukd use to try and bridge the two. Calling plays is pretty easy when Tom Brady is your QB and he has been in the system for years and years. This will be quite the change for the guy if this hire actually goes through.