Tua Tagovailoa suffered a hip injury Saturday against Mississippi State. The Alabama quarterback was screaming in pain down on the field, and he was immediately carted off the field and taken to the locker room.

Later, Tagovailoa was transported to likely a hospital by ambulance from Davis Wade Stadium. However, the latest is from Tuscaloosa News’ Cecil Hurt. Hurt reports that Tagovailoa has been airlifted to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, where they will further evaluate his injury.

The Athletic’s Aaron Suttles provided a photo that was sent to him showing Tua being loaded into the helicopter:

Tagovailoa was questionable whether he’d even play Saturday against MSU, and he was injured late in the second quarter while Alabama held a 35-7 lead. The Alabama quarterback finished Saturday’s game 14-of-18 for 256 yards and two touchdowns.

Tagovailoa playing against Mississippi State proved very costly for Alabama, and it’s nobody’s fought. It was a freak accident. However, Nick Saban is taking heat over his decision to even have Tagovailoa in the game.

Below is a replay of Tagovailoa’s injury:

Nick Saban was asked at halftime why Tagovailoa was still playing, and he offered up the following explanation.

“He hurt his hip, I don’t know anything else more than that,” Saban said. “They took him in to look at him. That was going to be his last series, we were going to do two-minute (offense) before the half with him, just for practice. Of course, we got to block them better so he doesn’t get sacked. Too bad.

“We were going to put Mac in but we let Tua in just for practice,” Saban added. “I don’t worry about players getting hurt. Certainly don’t want to see anyone get hurt, especially him.”