After Alabama took down LSU 29-0, New Jersey reporter Joe Giglio turned in one of the worst takes of the year, claiming that Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa was “overrated.”

Giglio compared Tagovailoa to Tim Tebow, which isn’t necessarily an insult considering what Tebow was able to do at Florida, but the “overrated” remark was what drew the attention of Alabama fans.

This week, spoke with Giglio, who attempted to explain his remark. He said he thinks a lot of Tagovailoa’s success is due to the talent Alabama surrounds him with:

“Yeah, I think this kid is a good college quarterback, but I think he is overrated,” Giglio said. “I think most of it is he has a ridiculous amount of talent around him.

“CBS put up the graphic that Nick Saban’s Alabama teams have had a player drafted in the first round at every position except quarterback. The assumption in the conversation is that Tua would be that guy in a couple of years. I just started thinking about all the talent they have there, and they have finally started throwing the football and a wide-open offense.

“I think he’s good. I think he gets a lot of help from a great team and athletes around him.”

What is it about Tagovailoa that Giglio doesn’t like? He explained:

“I don’t see the arm. I don’t see the wind up. He doesn’t look like an NFL quarterback to me,” he said. “It wouldn’t surprise me if he is a first-round pick. He’s going to end have an amazing college career. Tebow was a first-round pick, and he’s better than Tebow, but Tebow was a first-round pick.

“Based on what I’ve seen, unless he improves a lot, I’d be surprised if he dominates on Sundays like he does on Saturdays.”

Yes, Tagovailoa has a lot of talent around him, but other quarterbacks haven’t had the same level of success he’s had at Alabama. Naturally, the NFL is a different game, but right now it looks like it would be unwise to bet against Tagovailoa.