The NFL Draft is one of the most hectic days for players and teams of the entire year. Trades happen, misinformation is leaked and players can get pulled right out from underneath a team.

Unfortunately for the New Orleans Saints, they experienced the latter first-hand. In one of the best behind-the-scenes draft stories in a good while, former Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster was caught in the middle of a unique situation, which he explains in the videos below.

Many were surprised when the uber-productive SEC linebacker and leader for two of the best Alabama defenses under Nick Saban began to freefall in the draft. Expecting to grab Foster with the final pick in the first round, New Orleans called him prior to their pick to give him a heads up.

The Saints were on the phone with Foster’s girlfriend, who is from a nearby area, to welcome her and her family into the organization. While she was on the phone with New Orleans, a call came in from the 49ers. At that point, Foster grabbed the phone out of his girlfriend’s hand and spoke with San Fransisco.

Upon hearing that the 49ers wanted to draft him, Foster told them that it was too late and that New Orleans was prepared to pick him. That’s when he was informed that a trade was about to take place which would give the 49ers the 31st pick in the draft, one spot ahead of the Saints.

During his conversation with San Fransisco, Foster apparently ended his call with New Orleans on accident. It’s probably not the best decision to hang up on an NFL team on draft night, but it all worked out for Foster, and it makes one heck of a story.