Roman Harper isn’t happy with Alabama’s defensive performance in last week’s 52-49 loss to Tennessee and he isn’t pulling any punches.

The former Alabama and NFL defensive back called out the entire unit as a whole and then focused on Will Anderson.

“Let’s pull the band-aid. Alabama’s defense was God awful,” Harper said. “Coaching, players, execution…top-to-bottom. …Will Anderson cannot play a game and have zeroes next to his name in the stat line. He’s too good and too dominant.

“You’re called ‘The Terminator’ for a reason, you can’t walk away out of a game with zero bodies.”

He was also disappointed in the lack of adjustments made in the secondary.

“The defensive secondary had bad eyes, bad technique…I don’t know if they’re coached the backpedal, they didn’t do it.”

Alabama gave up 567 yards and 8.1 yards per play last Saturday in the loss.

Was Harper fair in his call out of the defense and Will Anderson individually?