The Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to draft Jalen Hurts with the No. 53 overall turned some heads among football fans. If Hurts had any concern about how he’ll be received in Philly, he can breathe a little easier after getting a strong endorsement from Eagles great Ron Jaworski.

“You can never have enough talented quarterbacks on the roster,” Jaworski told TMZ Sports.

Jaworski elaborated on Hurts’ talent, speculating the former Alabama and Oklahoma quarterback will see more playing time than your typical backup.

“The guy has too much talent to have him sit on the bench,” Jaworski said. “You could create that package for him just like Lamar Jackson had when he first came to Baltimore when Joe Flacco was there. You fit him in, you teach him, you groom him, and eventually, you’ve got a player.”

The conversation surrounding Hurts’ ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft was dominated by comparisons to Jackson and other mobile quarterbacks (e.g. Taysom Hill, Patrick Mahomes).

While Crimson Tide and Sooners fans would be excited to see Hurts follow the Jackson path to becoming a starter, the situations in Philly and Baltimore are quite different as Carson Wentz is eight years younger than Flacco.

Jaworski’s interview can be viewed here.