Nick Saban addressed the elephant in the room.

That is, what he thought about the comments made by Jalen Hurts’ father in a story that was published on Thursday. The story detailed how Hurts would transfer if he wasn’t named the starter at Alabama.

After that report came out, Saban got a chance to talk about what he thought about that. Saban said that he met with Hurts’ father after Saturday’s scrimmage, but that their meeting was positive.

Saban also added another thought.

“I’m not really concerned what somebody else chose to write,” Saban added.

He’s definitely not concerned about one story and what it’ll mean for the future of his accomplished quarterback. As for whether Saban had any more conversations with Hurts privately since the story was published, that’s unknown.

Hurts will have a chance to shine in Alabama’s spring game on Saturday with Tua Tagovailoa nursing his hand injury.