There were some surprising things that came out of Alabama’s visit to the White House on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump told Nick Saban that “LSU shouldn’t have let him go” after learning that Saban won a national title in Baton Rouge before eventually winding up at Alabama.

Also surprising was J.K. Scott praying for the president and his staff, which they did surrounded by several Alabama players.

Perhaps the least surprising development from the nation’s capital was that apparently Saban did a little recruiting during Alabama’s visit.

That’s what he told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins:

We knew that Saban basically takes an hour to celebrate a national title before he hits the ground running on recruiting.

The real question is, which recruit was lucky enough to get a call from Saban while he was celebrating a national title in the White House? And did Saban do it in the Oval Office?

Needless to say, the recruits who got that call are going to have quite the story to tell their classmates tomorrow.