Reuben Foster came so close to getting his first in-game interception on Friday night.

The former Alabama linebacker got his hands on an Alex Smith pass in the end zone, but couldn’t quite haul it in.

“A lot of guys were teasing me about the pass breakup,” Foster told Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “I could have caught a pick. They were talking about all the picks at practice and I can’t catch one in the game when the lights come on.”

The in-game interception has eluded Foster at all levels of football.

“I should have had a lot of picks on college,” Foster said. “I had a club on, but I’m not going to blame it on the club … It is a pretty good excuse.”

One of these days Foster is bound to have a bad throw land in his hands. In the meantime, no defensive coordinators are going to complain about a pass breakup in the end zone.