The debate about which school is most dominant at a given position is one of the most consistent and hearty of the college football landscape.

DBU is an almost weekly argument depending on the matchups on the schedule, from LSU to Florida, or Texas, for example. But ESPN put out a report of trying to figure which school produces the best prospects at each position:

“So, what makes a school Position U? It’s a combination of college success, draft stock and NFL success. Our formula awards points for all-conference and All-America selections, rewarding the best college performers. It awards points on a sliding scale based on where a player is drafted, rewarding impressive NFL evaluations. … Our plan: Awards won in college belong to the school where it happened. The draft and NFL production get credited to the last school a player played for.”

Here are the SEC teams that were named the winner at each position:

Running back: Alabama

Mount Rushmore: Derrick Henry, Shaun Alexander, Mark Ingram and Najee Harris.

Offensive line: Alabama

Mount Rushmore: John Hannah, Dwight Stephenson, Barrett Jones and Chris Samuel.

Defensive line: Alabama

Mount Rushmore: Jonathan Allen, John Copeland, Marcell Dareus and Quinnen Williams.

Linebacker: Georgia

Mount Rushmore: Roquan Smith, Jarvis Jones, Odell Thurman and Knox Culpepper.

Punter: Texas A&M

Mount Rushmore: Shane Lechler and Braden Mann.