The loss of Jaylen Waddle to a season-ending ankle injury saw one of the biggest fears for Alabama come to life. It now has to navigate its remaining games without one of the country’s elite wide receivers on the field to contribute to what has been a stellar offense.

Could the effects of the injury eventually lead to the team missing the College Football Playoff for the 2nd year in a row? ESPN’s David Pollack drew the ire of Alabama fans when he declared that “it’s over” for the Crimson Tide without Waddle.

During an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show”, Pollack’s ESPN colleague Chris Doering shared that he fells that Tide fans shouldn’t be concerned as the rest of the season progresses, stating that the quality of players the team has elsewhere—under the watchful eye of Nick Saban—should be enough to balance out the loss of one of its primary stars.

“They’ve got enough talent everywhere,” the SEC Network analyst told Finebaum during Friday’s show. “They’re coached by the best of all time. They’ll overcome it.”

Alabama certainly isn’t void of talent that can step in for Waddle. Devonta Smith, the team’s leading receiver a year ago, looks to be picking up right where he left off, while the stock of John Metchie continues to rise after his 2nd game of 150-plus yards this season against Tennessee on Oct. 24.

Fans will get a first glimpse at how things will continue to come together without Waddle on Saturday, as the Crimson Tide host Mississippi State at 7 pm ET.