Alabama went to the well a couple times on Saturday in its win over Georgia, and SEC Network analyst Jordan Rodgers used an X and O approach to outline how the Crimson Tide were successful on multiple offensive plays using the same alignment.

As Rodgers shared, “Football isn’t hard. If a play works, run it again … WATCH how Alabama OC Steve Sarkisian runs the SAME EXACT PLAY twice in a row vs Georgia and they were fooled both times:

The first play is the 90-yard touchdown pass to Jaylen Waddle in the third quarter.

“I love how Sarkisian pre-snap makes Georgia re-communicate their responsibilities in a stack,” Rodgers said. “… A good offensive coordinator isn’t just celebrating as this ball is thrown, a good offensive coordinator is getting a picture. The picture he’s getting right here as the ball is released is that this running back’s movement widens this linebacker, this movement here pre-snap on the swing route widens this linebacker. So now there’s a vacancy right here.”

On the second play, Rodgers points out that it’s the exact same formation except at the right side instead of the left. It results in an 11-yard gain to the tight end.