SEC Shorts is out with its latest episode, and this time, it finds Alabama trying to sneak on to the College Football Playoff plane.

“It was a week of waiting and watching for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Despite having 2 losses on their resume, many felt the Tide deserved to squeak into that final 4th Playoff spot. Alabama shows up to the boarding of the Playoff plane but can’t seem to get past the gate.”

As Georgia eased on to the plane with a simple ticketing process, Alabama had some trouble with the flight attendant, who was handed Alabama’s resume. That included a TCU loss, Southern Cal loss, LSU loss, Iron Bowl win for Alabama and a Clemson loss.

All that added up to a “wacky scenario to sneak into that No. 4 spot, completely arrange the college football world,” Alabama said. “As you can see everything worked out exactly as we needed, so on to the Playoff!”

Alabama also referenced a “cherry-picked assessment of my team’s performance.”

“You will not rob me of my opportunity to get boat-raced by Georgia in the Playoffs,” he said. “It is college football’s newest tradition and it must be kept alive.”