Lane Kiffin established himself as SEC Twitter’s most entertaining follow during his time in Tuscaloosa on Nick Saban’s staff. On Saturday, Kiffin used the social media platform to share some “rat poison” for his old boss.

Kiffin tweeted a photo of a Thanks Nick Saban (THX NS) license plate in traffic. The emoji-filled tweet has Kiffin joking that his “new plates” are rat poison for the greatest coach of all time.

Kiffin noted that he’s ready for Round 2 against UA. Alabama won 2020’s Round 1, one of the most entertaining college football games of the season, a 63-48 shootout in Oxford. This year’s game is scheduled for Oct. 2 in Bryant-Denny Stadium, opening conference play for Kiffin’s squad.

Always on brand, Kiffin made sure to also shoutout the Rebels baseball team in his tweet.

Never change, Lane.