Alabama has plenty of traditions on game days around the Crimson Tide, but coach Nick Saban discussed his running tradition with his daughter, Kristen.

Although he’s talked about it before, Saban shared on Monday at his press conference that his daughter hands him a lucky penny before every game. He keeps them all. He has said before that they’re on his dresser at home in a pile.

“It means a lot,” Saban said. “I hate to admit that I’m superstitious. It’s worked pretty well in the past and hopefully it’ll continue to work. I don’t think people understand what Kristen goes through sometimes to get that penny to me. Especially this week. We’ve got a new grandbaby that she has to take care of. She had to go through a lot to get that penny to me and I appreciate it.”

The story goes, per Rick Karle of WVTM, that the tradition was born in December of 2003, and 8-year-old Kristen Saban was dreaming about a championship. The LSU Tigers were about to face Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, and Kristen was dreaming of a way that she could help her father. Kristen wondered how she could help the head coach of the Tigers.

It was Jan. 3, 2004, and Kristen Saban hugged her father, whispering to him that his team would beat the Sooners the next night. She slipped a penny into the palm of her father’s hand and covered his hand with hers.

“Keep this in your pocket during the game, daddy. It’s your lucky penny! ”