Seth McLaughlin left Alabama after 4 years in the Crimson Tide program. Now, the veteran center is at Ohio State for the 2024 season with Ryan Day’s program.

McLaughlin made his first media appearance in Columbus on Tuesday and was immediately asked about his decision to leave Tuscaloosa for Ohio State. He admitted the Buckeyes are among the greatest programs out there, and McLaughlin said he wanted “another similar place” with high expectations and a strong coaching staff.

“I thought Ohio State’s one of the greatest programs in college football,” said McLaughlin . “Coming from a place like Alabama, I thought I wanted to go to another similar place that’s always competing to win championships and has great coaching and great development.”

McLaughlin transferred to the Buckeyes, along with key safety Caleb Downs and quarterback signee Julian Sayin. Those moves have Ohio State back among the best national championship odds for the 2024 season, and fans can track all the 12-team Playoff odds with SDS’s best sports betting apps.

Along with his transfer, McLaughlin will get another chance to face Michigan after Alabama lost to the Wolverines in the College Football Playoff. He said facing Michigan was not a factor in his decision but does believe the focus on The Game means something after losing in the Rose Bowl.

“Not really,” said McLaughlin on the impact of getting to play Michigan. “That wasn’t one of the reasons I came here, but playing them in the Rose Bowl, that clock on the wall — 302 days — kind of means something to me after playing in that game… It’s just going to be fun to play them again.”

As for the rest of McLaughlin’s comments on the transfer, he spoke glowingly about his time in Tuscaloosa and development under Nick Saban’s staff. Ultimately, his goal is to develop for a chance to play as a professional, and he felt a new staff would help him achieve those goals:

“I thought at this point in my career, I think Alabama had done a great job of developing me from the 265-pound kid into the 300-pound center that I was. But I thought for my 5th year I could do something different, go to a new program and learn from new people, be with a new strength staff and really progress my development further,” said McLaughlin.

“…I have 2 degrees from Alabama, that’s always going to be my alma mater. So appreciative for everything I’ve done and everything that’s been given to me there. But we’re playing this sport to be professionals, and I just thought for my benefit the change would be good.”