Shannon Sharpe deleted a tweet that criticized the Miami Dolphins’ injury diagnosis of Tua Tagovailoa from last Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

The tweet from Sharpe came after Tagovailoa suffered head and neck injuries in Thursday night’s game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Sharpe referenced how Tagovailoa was diagnosed with a back injury on Sunday and was cleared to play on a short week for the Bengals game. The medical staff received criticism for allowing Tagovailoa to return to last week’s game.

Sharpe took a jab at the training staff that they would give another unexpected diagnosis. He went on to delete the post after seeing the severity of Tagovailoa’s injury.

Tagovailoa left the game on a stretcher in the 2nd quarter after he was on the field for several minutes. He was later discharged from a local hospital in Cincinnati and flew home with the team.

Sharpe went back to Twitter to apologize for his original post immediately after Tagovailoa’s injury. He explained why he deleted the tweet:

“I deleted my previous post because it wasn’t the right thing to say. I apologize for my lack of sensitivity dealing with the injury,” Sharpe said. “I believe the Dolphins lied about Tua’s injury on Sunday and put him in this predicament. Again, I apologize for lapse in judgement.”

It was a scary injury and Sharpe recognized the magnitude of it.