Shaq and Charles Barkley have a great rapport on “Inside the NBA” on TNT, having worked together as analysts for a number of years now.

But, let’s just say Shaq should do some brushing up when it comes to famous quotes attributed to Nick Saban.

On Tuesday, Barkley was getting ready to say a quote about players playing with emotion, but not playing emotional, when Shaq stepped in and tried to finish it. But, Shaq got it hilariously wrong:


The actual quote from Saban, per, is this:

“You want guys to play with emotion, but you really don’t want them to be emotional because when you get emotional, you make bad decisions. There was a lot of emotions on both sides and we don’t like our guys to talk to the other players and not get involved in all that. You win with class and that’s something we certainly want our players to do.”

Almost, Shaq. Almost.