SEC fans may have gotten a break, in their mind, when CBS Sports assigned Carter Blackburn and Aaron Murray to call the marquee afternoon game on a double header day.

But Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson were moved to the primetime game between Alabama and LSU from Tiger Stadium. One of the more common criticisms of Danielson is his perceived pro-Alabama bias, and several fans pointed that out early in the broadcast.

Midway through the first quarter, an audio glitch cut off the feed for Nessler and Danielson, and sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl temporary took over the play-by-play duties. Erdahl picked up several fans along the way as Nessler praised her work, along with several in the audience.

For fans who regularly watch the “SEC on CBS” it was a welcome development, and the person in charge of the audio gained meteoric popularity. One fan even suggested that person would never have to buy a drink in Tuscaloosa again.

Here’s a sampling of the criticism: