Who will Alabama’s starting quarterback be game one?

You can now bet on it.

Online sportsbook Bookmaker has listed the odds for which quarterback will start against Wisconsin.

The site lists senior Jacob Coker as the favorite with -250 odds. Redshirt freshman David Cornwell was second and listed with +245 odds, while redshirt sophomore Cooper Bateman was listed with +1,213 odds.

Nick Saban has remained mum about who his starting quarterback will be. It would be somewhat surprising if anyone but Coker trotted out against Wisconsin. So much hype surrounded Coker when he transferred from FSU, but he hasn’t lived up to it yet.

Coker and Cornwell battled it out during spring practice, and they’ll continue battling during fall camp.

Blake Sims came out of nowhere in 2014. Could someone other than Coker do the same in 2015?