Stephen A. Smith is a long-time supporter of Alabama football, and the ESPN commentator has spoken to the Crimson Tide over the years, and typically predicts Alabama to win in a given matchup.

But on Wednesday morning, he made a shocking turn in his stance about Saturday’s game in Tennessee.

“For the first time since I’ve been sitting up here, I’m actually thinking Alabama’s going to lose a game,” Smith admitted on “First Take” alongside Paul Finebaum and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. “It’s the God’s honest truth. In the last 3 or 4 years (with) Alabama that I’ve been on this show, I’ve never sat up here on the weekend, and thought that Alabama was going to lose. Actually never thought they’d lose a game in 4 years, until today.”

Smith said he didn’t like what he saw from Jalen Milroe last week in the narrow win over Texas A&M, and said he struggles to be confident in Milroe’s pocket presence and ability to throw the ball.

“I have to agree with the Mouth of the South, I think Tennessee is going to knock off Alabama,” Smith said. “Unless Bryce Young plays.”