Stephen A. Smith made a bet leading up to the Alabama-Florida game last week, and told former Florida great Tim Tebow on ESPN’s “First Take” that Alabama would “mop y’all right out of the state.”

At that point, Tebow responded, “If Florida is closer than that, how about next Friday you rock a Gator tie?”

Smith replied, “Rock a gator tie? Done!”

Now, after the 31-29 win for Alabama, Smith paid off the bet during Friday’s show.

“Let people see the beautiful look,” Tebow said. “Stephen A. there was never a doubt, I knew you were honorable, a man of character. You were a man of integrity, and now you’re rocking it and it looks beautiful.”

Smith then said, “This is an embarrassing day for me. I have to wear this because I lost a bet to that man. Sick to my — let’s say something next, let’s go.”