Stephen A Smith and Sam Acho sat down on ESPN’s “First Take” to debate the best rivalry in college football, and one thinks 2 SEC teams have the best rivalry.

For Smith, the annual contest between Alabama and Auburn ranks at the top for best rivalries. The analyst defended the Iron Bowl as a top rivalry, and said one thing that makes it great is how well the Crimson Tide and Tigers have been matched in the contest.

“Please! Alabama vs. Auburn! In the last 42 years, since 1980, Alabama has 22 wins, Auburn has 20. The Iron Bowl is always a thriller. It’s obviously Georgia and Alabama. That’s real now, but the point is, that wasn’t the case for many, many years. It was about Auburn and Alabama, you share the state with one another and you go at it, no matter who’s big or who’s small, and somehow, someway, it’s an epic battle”

Acho has a different opinion, saying the best rivalry is a B1G matchup between Ohio State and Michigan.

“It’s Michigan and Ohio State, it’s not even close. Here’s why: Two reasons. The first reason, they don’t even say the name of each other’s team. They call it The Game. You saw the joy, the anticipation, the elation and the passion last year when Michigan was able to beat Ohio State. Consistently, it’s two top-5 teams consistently playing each other.”

Alabama and Auburn will face off in the Iron Bowl Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET. The Tigers will be looking for an upset win that would also bring bowl eligibility this season.