Josh Jacobs backstory was well chronicled during his time in Tuscaloosa but now that he’s accomplished his lifelong dream of making it the NFL as a first-round draft pick, his story has gotten that much better.

And Hollywood has taken notice.

The former Alabama standout noted on Twitter recently that producers have reached out to him regarding potentially making a movie on his story. While being raised in Oklahoma, Jacobs and his family didn’t always have a place to live. At one point, they were living out of a car.

Now that he’s projected to be among Oakland’s star players next season, producers are eager to share Jacob’s story with the world. However, despite their interest in making a Josh Jacobs movie, the rookie from Alabama has his sights set on his debut NFL season.

“I don’t know how it came about, honestly,” Jacobs said during his Wednesday media availability. “I’ve been getting hit up by big-name producers, like three or four of them about doing the movie. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not. I feel like there is perfect timing for everything and I just don’t feel like right now is the right time.”

While now may not be the ideal time, Jacobs didn’t officially close the door on the idea.

“I still have to talk with my family and see how they feel about it. But I haven’t really thought about it too much,” he concluded.