Tim Brando is one of the more outspoken members of the media when it comes to major issues, logistics and formats facing college athletics.

The FOX Sports broadcaster took another opportunity to weigh in on the fall out from the Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher feud, and how the SEC Commissioner, Greg Sankey, and members of the SEC media have handled it.

Brando tweeted that while Saban had points, he went too far by specifically calling out Fisher and the Aggies as a whole. Fisher’s diatribe, meanwhile, while over the top, was damning, Brando wrote.

The much-anticipated drama and tension surrounding the Spring Meetings in Destin did not vent because of Saban, and Brando believes Saban missed an opportunity.

About Saban specifically, Brando finished his point by saying, “What needed to happen today in Destin didn’t. Why everybody takes themselves so seriously they’re incapable of looking in the mirror and saying, maybe I screwed up. (Alabama football) remains CFB’s needle mover, and Nick could have been self deprecating and tension would have eased.”