FOX Sports broadcaster Tim Brando has long criticized the blue bloods in college football, and this week, there’s no bigger one that he believes will be protected than Alabama.

Brando expects the College Football Playoff committee at its Tuesday night rankings reveal to keep Alabama in the top five despite a loss to LSU. For his part, Brando dropped Alabama.

“The CFB Playoff Committee has all their cronies on TV all day preparing everyone for Alabama privilege tonight,” Brando tweeted. “There’s no doubt they’ll drop only 1 or 2 spots. Committee will claim “eye test” and forget their non Conference schedule. An embarrassment! I dropped em’ 5 spots.”

Obviously impressed with Minnesota following its win over Penn State on Saturday, Brando elevated the undefeated Golden Gophers all the way to No. 3.

In a video following Week 11, Brando said how the Playoff committee treats undefeated teams will be notable.

“Novembers are to remember, and this year, the College Football Playoff we’ll forever remember because they are in deep, deep trouble,” said Brando. “Whatcha gonna do, College Football Playoff Committee? What are you gonna do when you’ve got this many teams ahead of one of your five undefeated?”

One thing is clear is Brando and his contrarian view will likely find another criticism of the committee by tonight and next week, so stay tuned.

Here’s his top 10: