The biggest on-field storyline heading into SEC Media Days is none other than the QB battle between Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa.

Everyone has an opinion, and the popular opinion is that Tagovailoa will win the job while Hurts will eventually transfer. Obviously, so much football is to be played this season, and it may not matter who starts game one against Louisville either.

Hurts has a long track record of making plays and winning games, while we only have one half of Tagovailoa, even though it was a great one.

The inaugural SEC Summerfest kicked off Sunday, and the SEC Network crew phoned in Tebow from a baseball stadium. He was asked about the Alabama QB battle and how he would handle the situation. He has a rather simple but complicated solution: he’d play both.

“Get both of them on the field,” Tebow said. “I’d put Jalen (Hurts) as the quarterback, as halfback, as wildcat back, as H-back; I’d move him around. He can be so versatile … But I also want to give Jalen a lot of credit because he hasn’t pouted this off-season; he’s gone to work. He’s reached out to so many people and tried to seek advice.

“I think that if he stays at Alabama he’s I think he’s going to be a huge asset to that Alabama team, and I think there’s a way to have these two players on the field at the same time.”

If you’ll remember, this is exactly how Urban Meyer handled Florida’s 2006 national championship team. Chris Leak was the starting QB, while Tebow was the run specialist in key situations. Both helped propel the Gators to winning the national championship.

We won’t get much from Nick Saban this week about the Tide’s position battle, and we likely won’t know anything until week one or two.