Nobody has been able to slow down QB Joe Burrow and the LSU offense this season, as the former Ohio State transfer is considered by many to be the Heisman front-runner.

However, the Tigers will face perhaps their toughest challenge of the year on Saturday. After hosting games against teams with tough defenses like Auburn and Florida, LSU has to hit the road to play Alabama.

On Saturday morning’s SportsCenter, SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow named the Alabama defender who can give Burrow the most problems:

“It’s a guy named Terrell Lewis,” Tebow said. “At 6-5, 252, he’s been injured a lot the last two years. People don’t realize how good this kid can be. He’s an absolute freak, and his talent is as good as anybody in the country. That’s how talented he is. Finally, he’s healthy, and he’s leading the SEC in sacks. It will be a key for him when to get pressure on Joe Burrow. He doesn’t have to get sacks, but if he can just get in Joe Burrow’s face, he can change his progressions, he can change the way he steps up in the pocket and he can throw Joe Burrow just a little bit in this game. That could be a big key to this game.”

Lewis has been dominant when he’s been healthy this year. In 7 games, he has 6 sacks and 9 tackles for a loss.

He’ll need to get in Burrow’s face a few times this afternoon to give the Tide a chance to win.