If you think that Alabama is dead because it lost to Texas A&M, think again. ESPN and SEC college football analyst Tim Tebow said that the loss for the Tide may have done the opposite.

Tebow said this on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Friday afternoon via the Tuscaloosa News about Alabama’s chances after last Saturday’s loss.

“I don’t think it really changes much for college football (that Alabama lost to Texas A&M). I really don’t. I think it changes a lot for A&M. I think Alabama still, besides these guys (Georgia), I think Alabama’s still the best team if not the second-best team in college football behind Georgia.”

Tebow continued to say to Finebaum that he thinks the teams ahead of Alabama with the exception of Georgia, aren’t better than them.

“You mean, you’re going to tell me the teams (ranked) in front of them — Iowa, Cincinnati, Oklahoma — are better than Alabama? We all know if they played on a neutral field; they’re just not going to beat them and they’re not as good. And I think Alabama will show up. They have too many playmakers.”

He also thinks one of the reasons the Tide lost was because they didn’t take the Aggies seriously.

“It was a perfect storm at a hostile environment where most of the plays went A&M’s way and everything went against ‘Bama. And I also think they just showed up and kind of thought, ‘You know what, this A&M team just got killed by Mississippi State. They’re not that good.’ And that effects, especially, 18- to 22-year-olds. It absolutely can change things.”

Tebow expects to see a different Tide team after the Week 6 loss.

“I think they (the Aggies) awoke a sleeping giant,” Tebow said of Texas A&M beating Alabama.

We will see if UA bounces back when it faces Mississippi State in Starkville Saturday night.