Jalen Hurts likely isn’t going to start for Alabama this season, unless there’s an injury to Tua Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa seized the starting job after an impressive performance in the Crimson Tide’s season-opening win over Louisville.

Where does that leave Hurts? Well, he could potentially redshirt if he doesn’t appear in more than four games this season so that he’d have two years of eligibility remaining. And then, it’s likely that he could transfer to a different school.

Where would Hurts go?

On “The Paul Finebaum Show’ on Friday, former Florida quarterback and SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow suggested an interesting possibility.

Hurts could transfer to Alabama’s biggest rival and take over its starting spot next season — Auburn.

“I think there are so many question marks about it,” Tebow said, according to 247sports. “Do you redshirt him? Do you try to keep him around? Is he going to redshirt and then go to another school next year? Does he go to a program that fits him? God forbid, for Alabama fans, does he go to Auburn next year? [Jarrett] Stidham leaves and he goes in. He’s a perfect fit for Gus Malzahn’s system, right? So it depends on what his relationship is like with [Nick] Saban. You can see that Saban cares about this kid. That’s something I’ve appreciated. He’s gone out of his way to lift him up, not bash him, and give him a chance. I think that will go a long way for Jalen as well.”

It would certainly be interesting to see Hurts on the opposite side of the Iron Bowl rivalry next year. But there is still plenty of time before any decision will be made, and who knows what will happen with the current Alabama quarterback.