Tua Tagovailoa has a big decision to make about whether to declare early for the NFL Draft or return to Alabama for the 2020 season. The junior quarterback’s hip injury has raised uncertainty about where he’ll be drafted, but it does not alter the long-term projections for Tagovailoa as an NFL quarterback.

ESPN’s Todd McShay says Tagovailoa reminds him of the new all-time leader in touchdown passes.

“…Tua — he has the talent. He is so twitchy,” McShay said on Tuesday’s NFL Live, per 247Sports. “I hate giving comparisons because everyone’s going to say, ‘Well, you think he’s Drew Brees.’ He reminds me of that (Brees) style of play, how quickly he goes through his progressions and how he keeps his feet tied with his eyes and just the way he plays the quarterback position. But two ankle injuries and the knee injury and now the hip injury — that’s concerning.”

McShay circled back to the Brees comparison again after discussing Tagovailoa’s recovery timeline.

“And I mentioned it earlier — Drew Brees is the player, if I had to give a comparison, it would be Drew because of how twitchy he is. And you watch Drew … the feet are always working together. And it’s so much of that twitchy athleticism and that’s what Tua is. And so if he loses some of that, there are major concerns.”

For those wondering, McShay believes Tagovailoa should leave for the pros.

“If I was advising him — and I hate saying this, because I’m a huge college football fan, as you well know — don’t take another snap in college football. Don’t. Do not do it. You’re not getting paid. Go to the NFL,” McShay said. “Even if you have to sit out your rookie season, you’re one year closer to getting that second contract instead of the rookie contract. I think it’s just time for Tua to go, to move on. I know he’s such a competitor. He wants to finish in a better way than he did this year, but it’s time.”

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