Tom Hart went on to “McElroy & Cubelic In The Morning” to talk about Florida State not making the cut for the College Football Playoff.

FSU fell short of a CFP bid, despite an undefeated regular season (13-0) and capturing the ACC conference title.

Hart, an ESPN and SEC Network college football analyst, noted it’s a “bad idea” to compare the amount of big games that Alabama — which grabbed the last spot in the CFP — and FSU won this season.

“It’s a bad idea to judge liberty by, quote ‘They just kept winning games’ and not apply that same standard to Florida State,” Hart said. “They kept winning games (too) and have impressive wins against the SEC (Florida and LSU).”

Hart mentioned that what put Alabama in over FSU was the strength of schedule. He noted that the Crimson Tide’s schedule was in the top 50, while FSU was in the mid-50s.

“In the end, that what I believe the committee would’ve been right to go with based on being undefeated versus one team having a loss,” Hart said.

But, Hart added, the worst idea to come out of the CFP selection process that the committee made a tough and/or controversial decision.

“As a controversial decision, that it erodes the trust of the Playoff structure,” Hart said. “The belief is now, even if a portion of college football fans believe that regular season games matter less and that the end of the season is a beauty contest, I think it’s damaging for the sport. I think the committee had a tough decision to make, whether that was among Texas and Alabama and Florida State, or just Alabama versus Florida State.”