Former Alabama and NFL running back Trent Richardson was involved in a scary incident at the Furniture Plug store in Birmingham, Alabama, according to TMZ sports.

The report states that Richardson had ordered new furniture from the store, and it came in with “significant damage,” according to Richardson’s manager Brandon Bowers. Richardson then went to the store on October 28 to give the owners an ultimatum in person — either replace the pieces or refund the money.

That’s when, according to Bowers, the owner’s wife pulled a gun on Richardson and started waiving it around. Richardson and Bowers left the store in a hurry. Bowers said the store owner got aggressive quickly, and then pulled out the firearm.

TMZ also spoke to the store owner Clint Catlin. The owner said, “We were protecting our store. Trent came in aggressive. My wife being her, she was protecting her space. … Trent’s a big guy, came in aggressive. He made her pull out the pistol. This is a family business. We were protecting our brand.”

Clint’s wife, Mariah, said she felt threatened for her husband’s life, her life and her 7-year-old’s life.

Richardson is planning to file a report with the local police.

Below is video of the incident: